Day 7 – Vienna

A few hours walking around this city and you can see why so many of the world’s greatest composers were either born or drawn to this amazing city. The beauty and serenity of this city can not simply be captured in words or pictures, hence the creation of so much of the world’s most amazing classical pieces to invoke the passion through music. Walking around today I just listened to the city and tried to imagine how it must have been for composers like Schubert and Mozart, it is a bit harder to hear the romantic undertones with today’s  automobiles, trains, and tramcars. However, if you listen deep enough you can still hear and feel the inspiration they must have felt so many lifetimes ago. Being here has invoked the desire to re-learn the violin and terrorise my neighbors (whose 4 year old happens to have a drumset)  and try to regain some of my childhood passion, well more so now that I won’t be hassled to practice by parents.

So where did I go today, well this morning I headed off to see the Hundertwasserhaus (google it) which I eventually got to but was distracted by so many exquisite sights on the way. The first of which was the stunning Karlskirche an 18th century Habsburg domed cathedral. The building is stunning, on my way home I went inside, which was equally as stunning but not sure if it is worth the 8 Euro they make you pay. Your ticket gives you access to a lift that takes you up to the top of the dome for a panoramic view of Vienna, except this view comes with windows covered in steel grill so you can’t see anything nor take photos… Tourist scam beware!!

Next, I discovered Beethoven, followed by Stradpark to say hello to Strauss and Schubert. In a few weeks when all the spring flowers come out this park will be stunning, at the moment it is just coming out of winter hibernation so still a little tired.

My next discovery was the Katholische Kirche St Othmar (which I think means CAtholic Church of St Othmar). Construction of the church started in 1454 and completed in 1523, however, there has been a religious place of worship on this site since the 9th century (according to Wikipedia). So after 69 years of construction, it took one fire, thanks to the Turks to burn it down in 1529. The current church then took another hundred years to be constructed into the striking building that stands there today.

So after lots of photos of the church, I finally got to  Hundertwasserhaus, this apartment building was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser an Austrian artist, who know just happens to reside in New Zealand. Have to say the building is very different, I would go so far as to say his inspiration is most likely Gaudi and honestly I like Gaudi’s work more.

Finished off this afternoon with another facial, hey I am on holidays I can have as many as I like 🙂 I bought more Dr Hauschka products and my face is feeling amazing again. I worked out that all the products I bought today cost me the equivalent of AUD$160, to buy all of them in Australia would have cost me over AUD$250..

Now I am writing this blog as I wait for one of my oldest and closest friends, Louisa, to arrive from London, super excited!!

Here are some other just random photos from my walk, more doors for you Shonnie…

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  1. Thanks for the door shots. I love the doors in Europe. Olivia has a thing for knobs and knockers 😜 Check them out. So much work goes into them. I agree I prefer Gaudi but those appartments still look pretty cool. Say a massive hello to Louisa for me I hope you girls have a wonderful time. Keep the stories and photos coming. I’m hoping your plans for violin fade by your return lol luvsya xx


  2. Great pics as usual. You should be happy with the camera


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