Day 55 & 56 – Santorini

Sitting here at Athen’s Airport hotel and thought I should finally go through the photos from my last two days on Santorini before I catch my plane home to the real world and work.  I have had an amazing holiday and seen some beautiful countries, many of which I would love to return. I have had some wonderful experiences and I am so glad that I took this journey, now back to work to save money for my next adventure and to pay this one off…

Day 55 – I had a nice relaxing day staring over the Caldera while relaxing at the hotel, in the evening I went for a wine tasting at a local winery. The tour was really interesting especially the way in which grapes are grown on the Island. Due to low rainfall, the grapes are not grown on trellises like at home or in France. Instead, the grapes plants are kept low to the ground and once old enough they are woven into baskets. This method creates a micro-climate allowing the grapes to grow inside the basket keeping them safe from the sun and the wind, as well as enabling the plant to gather moisture from the air overnight.

Day 56 – I went on a tour of the island, it was such a great day and I met some really nice people. The tour started at the Excavation site of Akrotiri, here they have discovered a village from the bronze age which was buried under volcanic dust, rather than lava like in Pompeii. From the excavations that they have completed so far, around 10% of the site, they have discovered that the people of the village seem to have abandoned the village before the eruption of the volcano. It was pretty interesting to see what was left of their houses and imagine how they must have lived.

Next stop was Emporio to see what was left of an old Venetian castle, which still has inhabitants. It was not a castle in the way we normally imagine one, but more a collection of small homes. I loved the winding alleys and coloured doors.

Then it was on to Perissa for lunch and watching the ocean, it was a nice black beach but I did not take many photos.


Then up to Moni Profitou Iliou which is the highest (only) mountain on the island. It had amazing views, it was a very hazy day though so not the best photos. There were so many wildflowers though that I went a bit crazy on flower photos.

Then it was off to Oia for the sunset. Oia is a really nice little village, it is probably the most photographed on the island, and for sunset, there were around 150 people lining the streets to watch, would hate to see it in the middle of summer in high season. Our group had to stand there for around an hour to ensure we had a good spot for photos, we kept each other entertained people watching, especially the young Chinese girl who had her phone on a proper tripod and was taking selfies for about 45 minutes. Then it was finally sunset time, a photographer with a bloody drone kept getting in the photos, he kept hovering the drone right in front of the sun, I am pretty sure all 150 people waiting to take photos would have shot him if they could find the owner. It was just rude and annoying!!


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  1. Fantastic photos Ann. I loved learning about how they grew the grapes…and tasting the results. Love your sunset photos too x Can wait for you to come home and tell us all about it over a few vinos.


  2. Well done as usual. Safe trip home. S n L xx


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