Day 43 – 47 Zagori – Athens

Day 43 – Spent another day driving around Zagori, it really is such a beautiful area of Greece. There was so much more I could have seen and I would love to come back and do some hiking through the area when it is a little warmer, I am fitter and I have longer.

Day 44 – Spent the day driving to Athens, it was around 6.5 hours and the GPS got me lost a few times, I swear it was the Sat Nav. They had opened up a new freeway two days before Easter so the poor ole sat nav was struggling to work out where to go.

Day 45 – had a bit of a chill day after spending the previous day driving. My hotel is not in the central area of Athens so I just walked to the local cafe strip and walked around.

Day 46 – I ventured into Athens to check out Plaka, a nice little area just under the Acropolis. The shops are very touristy but it was lovely just walking around and not being in a hurry to go anywhere. I did not take my camera as I just wanted to experience the area.

Day 47 – today I was much more of a tourist and hit the Acropolis museum and went up the hill to see the Acropolis and Parthenon. The museum was good, if you like that sort of thing, going into the history of the buildings and Greek mythology.

Going up to see the Acropolis was amazing, it is incredible that this structure has been around for such a long time, the marble stairs are very worn from they years of feet walking on them. Seeing something this old really makes you realise how insignificant the amount of time we spend on this Planet really is in the greater scheme of things. I really enjoyed seeing the monuments and taking photos, but I do have to say, people taking selfies are really annoying ha ha… especially big groups of girls who take about 100 to ensure they get one that is good, all the while everybody else is just waiting to get a photo of the building without posers in front of it.  Gee I am getting grumpy in my old age.

The holiday is winding up, Thursday week I will be jumping on the plane home again. I have loved my trip but have to admit I am missing a few of the home comforts, like more clothing and shoe choices; putting toilet paper in the toilet, not a bin; being able to speak in full English sentences; my bed; my things; not living in a suitcase.

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  1. Totally agree with you about the selfies. I would say that more than 80% of the younger generation would take more selfies than any other photo and in years to come will regret that they regret they didn’t take proper photos and they usually are not nice photos of themselves. Being a real old grumpy fart now.

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  2. Selfies may be one problem but what about the low life that spoil our history with graffiti? Lindsay would just shoot them but I think that is a bit barbaric, I’d just cut their hands off. Well perhaps not then they would just learn how to use their toes.


  3. Athens is amazing, if you are still in the Plaka let me know I had the best Moussaka ever there! It was called Yard Cafe – you have to stop there – they have a great happy hour and you need a drink after the climb up the top. I hate all the graffiti and the selfies too but I was totally in awe and felt exactly the same as you did, so insignificant in the grand scheme of things…such a wonderful adventure you have been on – I am so very jealous. Maybe we can go back together, some time in the future. Enjoy the rest of your time xx


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