Day 40 & 41 – Dilofo, Zagori

Yesterday I drove from Metsovo to Dilofo, google maps tells you that it is 76km, which is accurate, however, it takes almost three hours to drive that 76km as you rarely get out of third gear due to the hills, corners, corners and just a few more corners, on very narrow roads. In saying that it was a really nice drive and I got to see some stunning scenery, I wished I was not driving though so I could get the driver to stop and I could quickly jump out and take photos as there are not really many places to pull over and I didn’t want to be blocking the road, in saying that I think I only saw five other cars in three hours.

Today I headed out in the car again to check out East Zagori, I swear my Dad is having heart palpitations every time he thinks of me driving here. The drive was just as windy, narrow, and steep as yesterday and the scenery was just as stunning. I took a heap of photos and have put them into three categories,

  1. landscapes,
  2. plants (ok flowers),
  3. villages,
  4. bridges – this area is renowned for stone bridges built in the 17 and 18th centuries

This area of Greece still has very low tourist numbers visiting, which is really nice as it is quite untouched. I am sure there are a lot more people here in summer but today I probably only saw another 20 people in around five hours. The weather was totally random as well, sunny then cloudy with sleet, some more sleet and just a bit more sleet. At the top of some of the mountain ranges the car’s temperature gauge read 3 degrees, currently, at my hotel, it is 8 and I have a nice fire going as it is dropping to -2 tonight.

Anyway here are the photos, from today

1. Landscapes

2. Plants (aka flowers)

3. Villages

4. Bridges


Categories: Eastern Europe


  1. Great photos again. You are getting an excellent collection and will make a great screen saver, they would be astounding on a piece of fruit too!


  2. What an adventure! Love yo our stories and photos. Cheers, S n L xx


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