Day – 1 Budapest

So today was my first full day here in Budapest, unfortunately, the weather was not in my favor to do much photography or walking around. Max temperature was 7 degrees celsius with heavy showers most of the day.

I am staying at the Iberostar Grand Hotel, my room is amazing and the staff is so friendly and helpful. They had no problem with me checking in early yesterday and one of the staff told me of his stay in Melbourne, for three months, with family, how unfortunate that they go for Collingwood though! The hotel is an older building that has been renovated and the rooms are massive, I have a huge bedroom with an entrance/dressing room and separate bathroom with a huge bathtub, the photos really do not do it justice.

After a great sleep, I headed out for breakfast and a coffee, discovered a great spot just around the corner from the hotel called Espresso Embassy, fantastic coffee!! As the weather was so poor I came back to the hotel to research things to see in Budapest when it was raining and decided to walk to the House of Terror.

So a note of warning, Google map directions do not work really well in Budapest, constantly lost GPS and the street name that Google told me to turn down never appeared… Once I had GPS again I discovered I had walked eight blocks past my destination, apart from the rain though it was a nice walk, so back I walked until I found my destination.

The House of Terror is a museum with exhibits on fascist and communist Hungary, there was a very long line, took almost an hour to get in (I guess all the tourists had the same idea in the wet weather), and there was only one person, selling tickets even though there were two registers. I have to say I was quite disappointed in the museum as there were not English translations on all displays and unfortunately, all the museum guide headsets were already taken. I am sure that I would have found it much more interesting and informative if I had been able to get a headset. Even so, when you ventured down into the basement, where the cells were you could feel the oppression and only imagine what the people who were trapped there must have experienced.

After a much quicker walk home, amazing how fast it was without the additional eight blocks, I had a bit of nap before heading out for dinner. Tonight I went to Kisharang Etkezde and had traditional Paprika chicken and a local red wine, it was delicious and the service was very quick and friendly. I would definitely recommend a visit there if you ever come this way.

Now it is time for bed again, the weather is supposed to improve tomorrow so I am hoping to get out and take a lot more photos. These are a few snaps of the view at night from my hotel room.


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  1. Wthanks for sharing. Look forward to tomorrow adventure. L n S


  2. Looks amazing. I’m loving your stories as you go too. Keep them coming and enjoy your adventures xx


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