Day 2 – Budapest

So woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies and a nice frosty 5 degrees. I already had a booking today to spend the day at a local spa being pampered. After a long leisurely breakfast at the hotel, I headed off to the spa. Luckily Google directions got it right today enabling me to take a few photos on the way, the architecture here is incredible.  Unfortunately, many of the buildings are in disrepair, if I had the money I would love to buy one of them and renovate it.

Photos from my walk to the spa

I had the spa treatment at Mandala Spa, it was as marvelous as the reviews on TripAdvisor suggested. My treatment consisted of a 30-minute dead sea salt scrub my skin felt amazing after this. I followed this with an hour wrapped up in dead sea mud when I went to wash the mud off I looked like a monster from the deep dark depths of the dead sea. After about 15 minutes trying to get the mud off I went for an hour facial followed by an hour Swedish massage. To say I was relaxed by the end of this is an understatement if there is any stress left in my body it must be hiding in my little toe!

After the treatment I walked back to the hotel along the river, the sun was not in the best position for photography, however, I still managed to take a bucket load of photos, especially of the Parliment building which is just phenomenal. The level of detail and stonework in the building blows your mind, I hope to go on a tour there in the next few days to find out more about the architecture.

Photos on my way home from the spa

Tonight I had dinner at the Budapest Bistro, it was an incredible meal, my starter was duck pate, followed by stuffed cabbage. I had a lovely local Pinot Noir to top off the meal. I have to say I am impressed with the local wines that I have had so far, and for a non-beer drinker, I do not mind the local brew.

After dinner, I went out and took some more photos figuring that while the weather was good I should take as many as I can, it is bloody chilly out there. I also need to get more practice using a tripod.

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  1. Fantastic photos. The night shots great. Great details.


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