Day 5 – Budapest

Today was my last full day in Budapest, so I went over and checked out the Buda side of the city. This morning though I had to go find some good face cream, my skin really does not like the cold or more likely central heating! Went to a local pharmacy and the lady there put me onto a product called Dr Hauschka and after one day I think I am hooked. After purchasing a cleansing milk and rose cream I returned to the hotel to give my face a wash with the cleanser. The cleansing milk felt amazing and after using that and the cream this morning my face has made a huge recovery, it is not feeling anywhere near as dry and tight as it was and has returned to it’s normal creamy complexion rather than red and ruddy! Going to be stocking up on this product in Austria though, as it cost me $64 AUD for both products today and on the Australian website just the rose cream was over $80!

So anyway after making my skin feel better I figured I should go for a walk and headed over to the Buda side of the Danube. There are lots of windy streets and stairs on that side of the river, especially the stairs up to the Fisherman’s Bastion, so glad I bought a decent pair of walking shoes!! I also think I must always stand on a tilt as even though my camera says it is level I swear all my photos look like they are at an angle, either that or the buildings over here are all on angles.

I also think that I might need to change industries as I can’t stop taking photos of bloody bridges, all those engineers I work with are wearing off on me, I love the Chain Bridge here though it is just a beautiful structure. The old architecture here is amazing, some of the more modern buildings have tried to tie the old and new together, which I like rather than always destroying the old for glass and steel monstrosities, which will never age with the beauty and dignity of the old classic stone structures.

Tomorrow I am off to Vienna 🙂


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