Day 3 & 4 – Budapest

Yeah, this is a combined post, I woke up on Day 3 (Sunday) and discovered that here in Hungary they still enjoy a day of rest where pretty much everything is closed. So I decided to do as the Hungarians do and rest 🙂

So after a day of rest, I woke up at 5.30 am this morning, I mean really, I don’t even get up at that time to go to bloody work! So I laid about as long as I could and then realised it was a lovely day outside and great light to go and take some photos, so up I got at 6.15 am (hey there is lots of procrastinating that you can do on facebook). I got out about 7 am and headed down to the Danube to take some photos, it was a pretty chilly 3 degrees so I had my beanie and winter woolies on. So glad I got up early though as I got some really good photos and there was hardly anybody around.

I walked about 10 km taking photos and checking out the central market, and St Stephen’s Basilica, so just after lunch I need to take a nap! This afternoon I went for another walk, without the camera this time. Tonight I went and got my nails fixed, it is official no more SNS or gels for these nails, time to get them strong and healthy again.


Categories: Eastern Europe


  1. Ann your photos are amazing!! and yes I am very envious! Enjoy stay safe xx


  2. From Lindsay. Beautiful photos, verticals are straight. You have a good eye.

    From me. Were you able to go inside any buildings to see if they were as well maintained inside as they are outside. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Thought you might loose weight with all that walking but guess you put it back on with all that good eating. Umm!


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