Day 9, 10 & 11

Yep, I am being slack and doing three days combined 🙂

Day 9, Louisa and I woke up to pouring rain and made our way to the train station to catch a train to Salzburg. Love Austrian efficiency in their rail service, the train arrived right on time, the second class carriage was spotless and comfortable. Once we arrived in Salzburg we walked around a little in the rain and actually checked out shops, only because they were warm and dry. After a while, we ended up in a Bierhaus for a dragged out lunch to waste time till we could check into our hotel room at Hotel Blaue Gans. When we finally checked in we just relaxed watching a movie seeing it was so miserable outside.

Day 10, well there was no rain, bonus, but it was very gray and overcast. We had a sleep in then a nice long breakfast at the hotel. Went for a bit of a walk and then Louisa had to head off to the airport. Was so nice catching up with her, had been around 4 years since we had last seen each other.

Photos from Day 10


Day 11, had another awesome breakfast at the hotel, love European breakfasts. The sun was finally shining so I got out and about. Went up to the Fortress on top of the hill and took lots of photos of the town, as well as just randomly walking around. Salzburg is such a beautiful town, the hotel is located right in the old town center so it is so easy to get around and see everything. Tomorrow I am off to Lake Bled in Slovenia!


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  1. Love the photos of you and Louisa – looking good. Wow you are doing some walking! You will come back a shadow if you keep that up!


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