Day 12 – Lake Bled

Woke up this morning in Salzburg and was collected around 8.45am by my driver, Vaclav from the Czech Republic.


First, stop on the trip to Slovenia, Schonau am Konigssee in Germany, yep went North first 🙂  Decided not to do the boat trip but here are some photos from the shoreline

Our next stop was back in Austria at the Hohenwerfen Fortress, unfortunately, the fortress was still closed for the offseason so did not get to go inside. We met a furry local in the yard, she was very happy to see us and loved a rub behind the ears. Lots of pretty purple/blue flowers growing in the forest on the way up and a really nice walk.

Next stop was again in Austria, St Johann, beautiful little town with a stunning church, which surprise was open!!

Then it was on to Lake Bled, Slovenia, to get there we had to go through several tunnels, one was 7km long! I was pretty impressed, really need to stop working with Engineers, also they have to pay 11.20Euro to use the tunnels and stretch of motorway that avoids going over the Alps, see nobody gets free tunnels, ok well other than New Zealand. Here are a few shots for all you Engineers, sorry not so good, hard to get a good photo in a moving car (with a dirty windscreen). There were a few different tunnels, some with smoke ducts, some without and just jet fans, some with architectural panels and others just painted like Waterview Tunnel. Hmm if I take enough tunnel and bridge, pictures do you think the ATO will let me claim this as a work trip 😛

After lunch, we made it to Lake Bled, this place is a photographer’s fantasy. The buildings are just amazing and the whole place is so photogenic. After I dropped off my bag I thought that I would go for a quick stroll down to the Lake. Well, 4.5km later I had walked the entire circumference of the lake. About half way around I met a lovely English couple, so we walked the rest of the way together laughing at how we had all just gone for a quick stroll but with the sun out and the lake being beautiful you just couldn’t stop walking. Here are a few of the snaps I took this afternoon, I have to get up at 5.15am tomorrow, (WTF I am on holidays!!), to go on an all day photography course, so hopefully, by tomorrow night my photo quality will have greatly improved 🙂



Categories: Eastern Europe


  1. Great photos. Must be happy with e camera. Enjoy your day with the expert.


  2. I second that too Dad 😉 Your photos are looking fantastic Ann. I loved doing photography tours in Europe though, you get inside tours of the cities you visit – seeing only the things that locals know about and they teach you a few tricks. Love this trip Lake Bled looks amazing!


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