Day 19 – Rovinj, Croatia

Yeah I know I missed day 18, but I just spent the day in a bus so nothing very exciting, when I did finally get to Rovinj I just sat around drinking cocktails in the sun. OMG holidays are such a tough life 🙂

Today I got up and explored this little town on the Adriatic, the town is so small it took me just over an hour to pretty much explore the whole place, so I had some more cocktails… Have fallen in love with a cocktail called Hugo, it is prosecco (can’t go wrong there), elder syrup, mint, and mineral water (I think they mean soda). Anyway, it is so refreshing I have to stop myself drinking it like water. People told me that Croatia is cheap…. If it is then Rovinj is not!! In two days I have spent almost AUD$200 on just food and drinks, I spent less in Slovenia in four days, however, this place is beautiful so money does not matter. Here are a few shots from my walk around town this morning



After a few more Hugo cocktails, a nap and reading my book for a while I wandered out again with the camera this afternoon

I did take more than this but I have the hiccups and I am tired so can’t be ar$ed uploading them now 🙂

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  1. hahaha, have the hiccups and can’t be arsed! Love it! I am loving this spot, looks so full of stories to me, I would love to have a wander around that town and a few Hugo’s to reward my efforts. Drink up and enjoy! Živjeli (cheers in Croatian – no idea to say that!)


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