Day 17 – Ljubljana

Woke up around 7.30am to a very cold 0 degrees and grey sky, remembered it was Sunday and breakfast, at the hotel, was open till midday so I rolled over and went back to sleep till around 9.30am. After a nice long breakfast I headed off to the Muzej Iluzij (Museum of Illusion), I had seen people lining up for the place so thought I would check it out, it was drizzling by this point so anything inside was a good option and many of the other Museums were closed as it was Sunday. Well, the Museum of Illusion was ok, probably better with a group of friends or a kid in tow, but it kept me warm and dry for an hour and a half so I was not complaining. After the museum, I headed back to the hotel to chill out for a while seeing it was Sunday and miserable weather.

Around 4.30pm the weather had turned to beautiful blue skies and a crisp 9 degrees so I headed to Tivoli Park. I am just missing flower season, I think in about a week all the tulips and other flowers will be out, however, there were some pretty cheery blossom trees and the park was very nice.

After a stroll around the park I headed up the Neboticnik building, it is an art deco skyscraper (12 storeys) and has a bar on the top floor. The view was amazing but it was so bloody cold I had one drink and headed down again, I did not even take the time to get photos!

By the time I got back down, it was time to grab some dinner, I headed to Mestni Trg which is the street one road back from the river in the old town. The receptionist at the hotel had said that is where the locals eat, they leave the riverside restaurants to the tourists. It was actually a really nice street so I took a few photos before settling on somewhere to eat.

On the way back to the hotel I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos as it was such a pleasant, but cold, night.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to Slovenia and head to Croatia, first stop Rovinj.


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  1. Nice night shots. Weather getting you ready for Melbourne 😝


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