Day 21 – Plitvice Lakes

OMG, today I went to one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to in my life, Plitvice Lakes. It was a massive day leaving the hotel at 7.15am and only returning to the hotel around 6.30pm. The Lakes are so beautiful, the photos do not do them justice, and there are just so many that to fully admire them and take the best photos you would need to spend days in there just wandering around and getting the perfect light conditions. Unfortunately, I had the sun behind me for a lot of the photos so I have had to manipulate the exposure but I am still pretty happy with most of the photos have turned out. If you ever come over this way, you have to do a tour with Senad, he was fantastic, told me about how the lakes were formed and all about the areas we were driving through. It was a really fun and informative day.

In between all of the waterfalls above, there are a couple of natives that we saw on the walk, they are the cutest lizards!! My guide Senad, said they were the biggest lizards he has seen here like that.

On the way back to Zagreb we stopped in at a small town that also was full of waterfalls, I took a lot more photos there but have only picked a few photos to put up. I would love to live there but I am unsure how my bladder would deal with hearing running water all day and night ha ha.


After the visit to the small town and on the way back to Zagreb you could see some of the damage that was left behind from the war, gunshots in houses and houses that were totally demolished. Senad said that many of the small towns that we drove through had been totally destroyed in the war. Reminded me that it really wasn’t that long ago that war-ravaged this land, and unfortunately, there is still a lot of landmines here that wound or kill many unsuspecting innocent people.

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