Day 27 – Bol & Split, Croatia

Sorry been AWOL the last few days! So quick summary of what you have missed:

Day 22 – I had a migraine, yep they even strike when I am on holidays, (arseholes), so I spent the day in my dark hotel room on painkillers. Super exciting day… NOT

Day 23 – I headed to the Zagreb airport to catch a plane to Split, and then grabbed a ferry to Bol on Brac Island. So nothing realy noteworthy to talk about, other than the new airport in Zagreb is pretty impressive architecturally, Google it. The airport was only opened on the 21st of March, so it was still sparkling new and very empty!

Day 24 – Spent the day sitting on my balcony reading a book and relaxing, had a lovely view out over the water and it was so nice to just relax.

Day 25 – walked out to the Zlanti Rat aka Golden Horn, being off season it was so quiet and everything was still closed, which was actually quite nice. There were only five other people there so you could just sit back and stare at the water without people getting in your way. It is a pebble beach, rather than sand, and with all the pine trees releasing pollen at the moment my trousers ended up with yellow pebble imprints all over them. The pollen is everywhere, all the park benches on the island are covered in this fine yellow pollen. On a good note, I do not appear to be allergic to this pollen as my hayfever did not kick off at all 🙂

Day 26 – I decided to be European for the day, I went for a nice walk out to the monastary, I did not take my camera for a change, however, there are photos from my phone on instagram and facebook. Behind the Monastary there was a lovely beach were I sat and watched the water for a while, not even thinking just sitting. I then walked back into town and sat in a cafe with a coffee followed by a wine for about 2 hours, watching the people walking past, then it was time for lunch, you know about 2pm! I had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant and started talking to the table next to me, they are a lovely French couple, Patrick is originally from Lebonon and his wife Maria who is Spanish but born in France. After a while the three of us began talking to another couple at the restaurant, I had heard the husband talking to some of the local men in the restaurant in Croatian, all I could understand is Sydney and then he said Western Australia at some stage, I ended up asking where they were from and Peter is orignally from Croatia but he moved to Australia in the 60s and his wife Jenny is Austrlian. So in the end the five of us shared some wine and talked about our lives, our work, travelling and other passions. It was such a great afternoon!! Really reminded me how much I love meeting people from diferent countries. After way too much wine I went home for a seista 🙂

Finally that brings us to today, day 27 – today I spent most of the day travelling. Before I left the apartment, I received a message from Patrick that Maria had left her hat at the restaurant the day before, they reaslised I was heading to Split and wondered if I could stop in and pick it up. Luckily the restaurant was open and it was the only hat there! Then it was an hour-fifteen a bus trip from Bol to Supertar, on the other side of the island, the trip made me realise that if I return to Brac Island to hire a car as some of the other villages and beaches on the island are beautiful. After the bus trip it was on to a ferry to return to Split. The water was so still today that I was sitting there wondering when we were going to leave the port and looked out the window to realise we already had, the ferry ride was incredibly smooth.

Patrick and Maria met me off the ferry so they could pick up the hat and we organised to meet up for lunch, after 2pm, they love late lunches here in Europe! I then dragged my suitcase to my beautiful hotel for the next two nights, it is called Abokamento Boutique rooms and is such a lovely quaint hotel. The hotel is located right in the Old Town and is only four rooms above an incredible restaurant. After checking in and dropping off my bag I headed off to meet up with Patrick and Maria for lunch. We had a lovely meal and chatted and laughed about the world and how screwed up every country is politically at the moment, except Canada as they seem to have the only sane Politician in power at the moment.

After lunch it was time for another siesta, not sure how I am going to cope back at work without my two hour lunches (with wine) and my siesta afterwards! After my nap I got up and took a few photos around the Old Town, I will head out tomorrow and hopefully get more, the weather has been grey and rainy today and I am hoping it is not the same tomorrow.

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  1. Great photos as usual. Glad you are enjoying it.


  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey, even your migraine. I love the photos of down the ally ways especially with a little coffee shop spilling out onto the pavement. I’m very happy for you. All sounds so lovely. Susan.


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