Day 32 (I think) – Mostar and Dubrovnik

Yep AWOL again, but hey it is my holiday so deal with it 🙂 Right so where were we…

Day 28 – I wandered around Split for the day, took a few photos but really nothing good enough to post. I actually quite like Split, I had so many differing opinions before I got there I really had no idea what to expect. Irrelevant of what other people think, I liked it, think it is somewhere that I would like to return and explore more of.

Day 29 – I was off to Mostar in Bosnia, after 15 minutes asking every bus if it was going to Mostar my bus turned up, miss the Austrian efficiency of transport 🙂 I had been tossing up whether to hire a car and drive this trip or bus it, the bus was the best option for the first time along the coast as the views were amazing. However, I would love to return and drive from Split to Dubrovnik along the coast stopping in at all the beautiful villages. I arrived in Mostar around 3.20 pm, now take my advice get a bloody cab to your accommodation or do not walk through the Old town to get there… I dragged my suitcase for 45 minutes to the hotel, a 20-minute walk my arse!! The stone walkways in the old town are not that fun to walk on, let alone drag a bloody 25 kg suitcase over, think cobblestones but non-matching sizes, shapes, and nowhere near level, even in flat shoes I was worried about an ankle and blowing a tyre on my suitcase!  So after checking in, I found a bar, The Black Dog to grab a bloody big drink. While having my bloody big drink a local band was warming up for their set later that night, they did one of the best covers of Sweet Dreams that I have ever heard, so I decided that I would head back later to check them out and agreed to meet up with a Kiwi couple that I met there.

After dinner I headed back to the bar, now earlier there had only been five people in the bar, now at 8.30 pm, there was closer to 30. I could not find the Kiwi couple so found a spot to sit, grabbed a red wine and waited for the band to start. Well, let’s just say I got home sometime around 2.30am (so my facebook messenger tells me), after meeting the owner of the bar (American from Seattle) and two local Civil Engineers, I had a ball!!! I think there was close to 100 people there by 10.30 pm.

Day 30 – I was so flipping hungover I only ventured out for food… Oops oh well the night before was so much fun I do not mind one hung over day 🙂 I also remembered how bad it was back when you could smoke indoors at pubs, my clothes and hair reeked of cigarette smoke, I think everybody in Bosnia smokes, it was horrible!!

Day 31 – So yep felt a lot more human 🙂 Headed out for a walk around Mostar, the old town part of the city is amazing. Supposedly, they are like that so that the women look down while walking and are less inclined to fall in love with another man, croc of shit I say!! Also, who knew that Bosnia was a majority Muslim country? Ok, maybe I am the only person who had no idea about this!! Well, Mostar is covered in Minarets, for the call to prayer, I actually found listening to the call to prayer quite calming. Here are a few photos from my wander around Mostar. I was originally supposed to stay in Mostar for four nights, not really sure why I had picked that many nights, should have extended Split! On my walk around the town I realised there really was not anything else to see so I decided that I would end my trip a day early and drive to Dubrovnik instead of catching the bus.

Day 31 – After my decision the day before I headed off to pick up my hire car, only a 5-minute walk according to google maps and the hotel receptionist… Hmm yes if you can find the front door!! So 30 minutes later I find the car rental place, great service, would it be hard to put a sign outside though! After all the paperwork etc it was time to drive on the right (wrong) side of the road for the first time in my life!!! Well driving on the right (wrong) side of the road was ok once I got the hang of it, however, the speed signs changed every bloody 250 metres, I kid you not!!  I had not checked the Sat Nav before departure either and the f%*%&*^ thing had me go Bosnia – Croatia – Bosnia – Croatia, so yep boarding crossings, not like the rest of Europe where you just wave on the way past either. Nope had to get the passport checked and stamped four times to travel less than 150 km. By the time I got to Dubrovnik it was after 4 pm and I had a splitting headache from concentrating on being on the right (wrong) side of the road and watching the ever changing speed limit.

Day 32 – Woke up after an awesome night sleep, 10 hours straight, thank you Hilton Hotels, red wine and headache pills, and enjoyed my buffet breakfast 🙂  Then it was off to see Dubrovnik, the Hilton is a 4-minute walk from the main entrance to the Old City! OMG, I think I am in love with this town, I took so many photos that I used two full batteries and there is still so much more to see. I am not even sure what to tell you is my favourite thing so far, I think I just love it all. I spent a good 5-hours wandering around looking at everything and walking the full perimeter of the city walls, it was also really warm today, so my arms are getting nice and tanned, need to start working on the legs though as they are glow in the dark white! Here are what I think are the best of today’s photos, there are so many though it will take me months to trawl through them all when I get home.

PS if anybody is looking for a good book series check out the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.

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  1. Great pics again. Looks great.


  2. All those terracotta red roofs in contrast to the colour of the water, teal blue would you say. I wonder what people do for a living in these old towns? L says you must be getting fit with all your walking around. Love sharing your journey. ❤️.


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