Day 13 – Lake Bled

Wow what an awesome day! Got up at 4.45am (sparrow fart) to head off on a full day private photography course with Jost Gantar, a local photographer. Check out his website his photos are amazing

It was great to have a full day with a professional photographer to learn all the tricks of a good photo and how to use my camera on more than the Auto setting, I don’t think I will ever use that again šŸ™‚

First stop of the day was Lake Bled to take early morning photos of the lake and church, unfortunately, it was an overcast/rainy day so there was not a very spectacular sunrise, but I think the photos still turned out really well and you can’t do much to control the weather.

Next stop was a natural spring, which is the source of Sova River which ends up joining the Danube River.

Then it was off to a couple of Lakes in Kranjska Gora, really nice lakes with excellent reflections

Jezero Jasna 6Jezero JasnaJezero Jasna 1Jezero Jasna 7Jezero Jasna 5Jezero Jasna 2

Then it was off to a waterfall, I can not remember the name of it at the moment.

After lunch and a nap, it was off to see a few churches and capture the blue time (after sunset).

Church 1Church3ChurchBPurple carpetChurchB1ChurchB2ChurchB7ChurchB11-001ChurchB8ChurchB9ChurchB12

Categories: Eastern Europe


  1. Absolutely fantastic pictures. I guess you were happy with the training. Try ATO for this it will help with photographs for archival purposes at work šŸ˜„


  2. Awesome photos Ann. You are inspiring me to get back out there. Keep the fantastic updates coming x


  3. Love the photos x


  4. Awesome photos Ann – !!!


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